UV Links
Thomas Spencer Warren Museum of Fluorescence - honoring Tom's lifelong contributions
Tozour Family's Fluorescent Rocks - James E. Tozour
Photographing Fluorescent Minerals - in Stereo! - Axel Emmermann - (FMS article)
Franklin and Sterling Hill Minerals - Herb Yeates
Mark's Fluorescent Mineral Collection - Mark Thompson
Chris's Mineral Collecting Page and FrOg Online (Franklin/Ogdensberg) list archive
Fluorescent Minerals at wordcraft.net - Stuart Schneider
Fluorescent Minerals Under the Microscope - Dan Moore
Alfred's Fluorescent Minerals
Fluorescent Display - ESU Kansas Geology Museum
Exploratorium - Fluorescence and Phosphorescence - experiments and explanation by Paul Doherty
Notes on Gemstone Fluorescence - Charles Lewton-Brain
Caltech Mineral Spectroscopy Server - explanations of mineral coloring 
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